About me 

Animation has always fascinated me as a very creative form of art and a way of telling a story. I really enjoy bringing life to characters and implementing the rules of cinematography to enhance the narrative and make it a greater experience as a whole. I like both the technical and the artistic aspect of 3D animation and I learn more everyday by observation and practice. I also love cinema and the art of visualizing a story thru the lens of camera. 

I'm an active team player and I always welcome feedback. Having great interpersonal and communicational skills are my key strengths. My goal is to tell stories with appealing characters and performances that audiences will relate to.

Animation Experience


Previs/Postvis Artist - MPC, Culver City, CA   March 2019 - Present

     - Working on a feature film production as a previs animator

     - Blocking out the sequences for the main beats, getting the timing and action right

     - Animating quadrupeds, creatures and characters in the scene

     - Creating camera layout and animation for shots using cinematic storytelling techniques

     - Using effects to match the director’s vision

     - Also worked on a Facebook Oculus commercial as a postvis artist on Linux OS



Previs/Postvis Animator - Day For Nite, Los Angeles, CA    Feb 2019 - March 2019


     - Worked on a Disney feature film production as a previs and postvis artist

     - Animated dogs with dialogue

     - Completed previs animation and lighting in maya

     - Did comp and postvis in AE using the live action plates and adding effects for final render

3D Animator - Rooster Teeth, Austin, TX    Oct 2018 - Feb 2019

     - Worked on two Animated Series RWBY: Volume 6, and GEN:Lock season 1

     - Animated characters with Lip Sync and facial Animation specific to the style of each show

     - Worked with both key-frame animation and Mocap

     - Did camera layout and camera animation for action sequences 

     - Experienced with Animation Layers 

     - Worked in continuity with shot before and after



Previs Animator/Shot Creator - The Third Floor, Inc. , Los Angeles, CA    Jun 2018 - Aug 2018


     - Recent Projects: Avengers Endgame, Pokemon Theme Park: Universal Studios

     - Responsible for creating shots and animation of the characters and the camera

     - Experienced with both Mocap and key-frame animation techniques

     - Delivered high quality sequences using solid understanding of cinematography and staging

     - Created realistic lighting for the shots and kept them consistent based on the edits

     - Pitched ideas, created test animations and blocking

     - Met deadlines and worked under tight schedules


   Previs/CG Artist - Framestore , Culver City, CA     June 2018

     - Responsible for animating and creating long shots for a VR project for Comcast

     - Creatively animated the camera to ensure it works within the VR environment

   Previs Apprentice - The Third Floor, Inc. , Los Angeles, CA     Mar 2018 - May 2018


    - Successfully graduated from the Previs Apprenticeship program

    - Worked on an upcoming Disney film as an apprentice previs animator

   Lead Animator -  Studio X, San Francisco, CA   2017

     DIVE - Animated short film

     - Animated multiple shots on the project with different rigs

     - Worked closely with the supervisors and director

     - Responsible for animation fixes and clean up for final delivery

     - Helped and organized the animating crew and communicated dailies notes to them

     - Kept track of the pipeline and ensured shots and assets were updated

   3D Character Animator -  Studio X, San Francisco, CA   2016

   Junior Giants FoodieCats - Animated Series 

     - Created layout and cartoony style animation for the project

     - Addressed the director’s note from the dailies

    Sweet Friendship - Animated short film - Studio X, San Francisco, CA - 2016

     - Animated an acting shot for the project with facial expressions


Academy of Art University

    Graduate Student Representative for 3D Animation department

    - Responsible for bringing up problems & challenges of the students to the directors and school officials

    - Coming up with solutions for these problems & challenges

    - Suggesting better options for future semesters and classes


    CTN Animation ExPo (November 2015 & 2016) - Burbank, CA

        Volunteer and staff member 

        - Assisted staff and attendees throughout the event.

        - Helping with the convention’s flow and schedule, making sure the panels and demos went as planned.


MFA in 3D Animation & Visual Effects

    Academy of Art University, San Francisco (2014 to 2017) 

BSc. in Computer Science 

    Sharif University of Technology, Tehran (2009_2014) 

Skills & Softwares


Maya, 3Ds Max: Animation, Previs, Modeling

Adobe Premier: Editing

Photoshop: Drawing, Storyboarding, Photo editing

Adobe After Effects : Postvis, Comp, Editing

Shotgun Studio



Microsoft Office


Languages:  Farsi & English